Our NG Feeds R&D is playing a key role in the development of candidate aquafeeds with nutritionally innovative formulations having potential feed resources which is an integral part of our business and we believe that enabling aqua farmers to have a healthy business is the core of a prosperous business relation. Our R&D comprises with entirely dedicated team of multidisciplinary researchers guided by highly qualified Aqua Nutritionists that leverage our capabilities in Aquafeed Nutrition Research and Feed Biotechnological innovations for achieving progressive growth with grant success.


Development of species specific attractable key candidate sustainable feeds for the profitable aquaculture with finest quality, enhanced performance and environment friendly through the nutritional and feed biotechnological efforts and research innovations to concretively establish brand name and maintain the trade name for wide range of NG products.


To design, establish and evaluate new technologies prior to the commercialization of newer products and provide information on latest technological advancement to maintain the technological edge of our company in all of its businesses to become a predominant global player in commercial Aquafeed market which invokes pride in all our stakeholders through innovation, customer centricity, integrity, and sustainability.

R&D Facilities

Established in-house R&D innovation centre to periodically evaluate the actual performance of our Fish and Shrimp feed products. Our R&D Facility having sophisticated and high throughput research instruments like advanced Near Infrared Reflectance spectrophotometer to support precision Nutrition. 6,300 square feet of space is dedicated for conducting nutritional feeding trials. Our firm has also access to 140 hectares of research farms for innovation and product development.

Key Functions & Research Focus

  • Conferring suggestions and new ideas for product innovations as well as enhancing the performance of existing range of feed products on the basis of farmer insights and market feedback.
  • Implementation of novel protocols and measures for short term quality specific evaluation of feed ingredients and finished feed products.
  • Customization of proven nutritional processing technologies to commercial scale application of suitable feed biotechnological tools for improving the nutritive value and efficiency of nutrient utilization
  • Comparatively analyse the growth trends in our feed brands for further enhancing productivity and feed utility value through effective modifications in formulations and as well as advising the appropriate changes in processing.
  • Scrutinising the farms during the morbidity and mortality for justifying the exact root causes and prescribing the specific immune enhancing remedial medications.


290 & 291, Gudivada Road, Arugolanu(V), Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India-521106.