Over two decades of Empirical Knowledge NG Group plumbed into new depths of aqua feed research. An approach that not just enhanced the quality of feed, but produced a whole new feed required for a healthy yield of fish and shrimp in this part of India, and the formation of a new company, NG Feeds, to better serve its customers.

However, NG Feeds needed a high level of specialized Manufacturing technology to leverage this gold mine of Shrimp and Fish feed. By technically collaborating with ANDRITZ Group, NG Feeds quickly transformed the solution by Installing Sophisticated Cutting Edge European Technology.

By joining hands with ANDRITZ, NG Feeds acquired the First and Foremost European technology and developing high-performing customised aqua feed solutions in tune with the local farmers’ needs.

Shrimp Feed

Floating Fish Feed


290 & 291, Gudivada Road, Arugolanu(V), Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India-521106.